2023 RULES

Game format

Tournament Rules

DARTSLIVE2 and DARTSLIVE3 are to be used as the official machine of the tournament.

Game Format


Alternative start rule

Round limit
701: 15 Round limit
STANDARD CRICKET: 20 Round limit

Pre-Tournament Round Robin

  • Pre-Tournament Round Robin Bloc allocation is based on the result of the SHOOT OUT (2 times) that is held before the tournament.

  • Player needs to play minimum of 2 SHOOT OUT games. The Player is also allowed to play more than 2 times. The organizer will take 2 of the highest SHOOT OUT scores achieved out of all the SHOOT OUT games played.
    Player who did not participate in the Pre-Tournament SHOOT OUT cannot play in the Pre-Tournament Round Robin or the SKO Tournament.

  • The order in the block allocation of Pre-Tournament Round Robin will be determined based on the followings.

    (1) Highest score in SHOOT OUT

    (2) 2nd highest score in SHOOT OUT

    (3) If (2) is tied, then the player who achieved the said score earlier.

  • Based on the result of the Pre-Tournament Round Robin, top 2 players of each Round Robin will advance to the final tournament (SKO Tournament).

    The ranking for the Pre-Tournament Round Robin will be determined based on the following factors and result.

    (1) No. of winnings (No. of winning matches)

    (2) No. of LEGs won

    (3) No. of LEGs lost

    (4) The result of the direct confrontation

    (5) If 3. or more players are tied on 1. - 4., each player will do SHOOT OUT. The winner of the SHOOT OUT will proceed to the final tournament.

    (6) WSDA holds the right to determine the results for those players who are absent in the SHOOT OUT.

Final Tournament (SKO Tournament)

  • Top 2 players of each Pre-Tournament Round Robin will advance to the designated spots in the Final Tournament.
  • The Final Tournament is a single elimination tournament.

Pre-Tournament Round Robin and Single Knock Out Round Bloc Allocation

Basic number of players per round robin blocs are 4 players, however, depending on the total participating number of players, total number of round robin bloc players might differ.


  • Uniform includes all shirts, pants, trousers and shoes.
  • Players will receive THE WORLD official badge at the Check-In desk on their first day of participation in this event.
    The badge must be affixed in the position as specified in the RULES. (see Image 1)
  • Pants needs to be ankle-length, and dress pants are recommended. Black or white jeans or chinos are also allowed. Please make sure your choice of clothing is clean and presentable. WSDA holds the right to decide the appropriateness, and to disqualify the player with inappropriate uniform. If you are uncertain about the pants design, please bring a pair of dress pants to the venue.
  • Players are allowed to wear leather shoes or sports shoes. (Wearing sandals, slippers, long boots or open toe shoes at the event is not allowed.)

  • Wearing a headwear such as hat or cap during the event is NOT permitted. However, if a player needs to wear a headwear for religious and/or other reasons, please obtain a prior approval from WSDA.
  • No earphones are allowed during any match.
  • WSDA has the right to judge the appropriateness of players' uniforms according to the RULES. If a player's uniform is judged inappropriate for the event, the said player is unable to participate in the tournament.
Dress Code

Download THE WORLD official badge image data here.


  • Players have understood and agreed to all of THE WORLD Player Rules (hereinafter referred to as "RULES") and WSDA official rule book.
  • Players must wear uniforms specified in the RULES to participate in this tournament.
  • [Minors under the age of 18] Players who are under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their parent or guardian who can present a valid photo IDs on the tournament day for verification by "WSDA".

In accordance with the purport of the event, we may decline the participation of the people who are related to dart machine manufacturer other than the tournament operator. For further inquiries, please contact WSDA prior to the tournament.
For inquiries

Entry method


US$ 120

Entry Fee Refund Policy

Refund when the entry is canceled
In case of the following, the amount deducting the transaction fee will be refunded.

Days until the STAGE
30 days or longer before the STAGE: 50% of the entry fee
Less than 30days until the STAGE: No refund

In the special cases below, full amount of the entry fee deducting the transaction fee will be refunded.

  • Player is unable to travel to the venue due to natural disaster.
  • Player is unable to participate in the tournament due to accident or injury.

For both cases, player is required to submit a proof of delay or cancellation of the public transportation or a doctor's note.

Transaction Fee: Includes invoice issuing fee and refund transaction fee

If the entry fee is paid by a credit card, the amount deducting the refund transaction fee will be refunded.

If the entry fee is paid by a PayPal invoice, the amount deducting the invoice issuing fee and refund transaction fee will be refunded.

Prize Money


BEST4 US$ 1,500
BEST8 US$ 700
BEST16 US$ 300

*If the participating players are less than 64, the BEST 16 Prize Money will be removed.

**For other prizes, please refer to the outline of each STAGE.

The Payment of Prize Money

Player is required to sign the confirmation document provided by WSDA in person on the day of the tournament in order to receive the prize money.

If the player is unable to sign the document for any special reasons, please inform WSDA in person. Otherwise, the prize money will not be paid.

Tournament Eligibility Suspension/Revocation

  • Players who do not participate in the event after completing the tournament sign-up has to pay a penalty equivalent to the entry fee on their next participation in this event.

Players who engage in any of the following acts without due reasons will be suspended for one year from taking part in THE WORLD.

  • Abandoning matches and walking off from the venue without any notification after the commencement of the tournament.
  • Playing darts while intoxicated, intentionally delaying the game and engaging in any other acts that are disturbing to the operations of the event.
  • Committing any other acts against public order and morals and/or acts that lack the sense of sportsmanship.

Players who engage in the acts listed below will be subject to the revocation of their participation in THE WORLD and other events hosted by WSDA permanently and/or their entitlement to the prize money.

  • Using false ID (including passport and any other IDs) or ID of a person other than the player himself/herself.
  • Becoming liable to criminal charges during the tournament participation periods.
  • Using abusive language during matches, slandering and defaming others, committing violent acts and/or making false reports during the tournament.
  • If a violation of the RULES is not corrected within a reasonable period of time stated in the violation notice.

Obligation players must follow

  • Player grants WSDA the right to use their names, stage names, profiles, portraits, pictures, movies and any other audiovisual items.
  • WSDA has the right to ask THE WORLD player to attend the photo sessions and interviews, and the player must agree to accept such requests.

WSDA reserves the right not to offer prize money or the right to reject the participation if a player does not follow the tournament rules and/or not conduct required acts.


  • WSDA has the right to remove or refuse any player who are found to be impediments to the event or event progress from participating in the tournament.
  • WSDA reserves the right to reject the entry of any player who has caused or may cause unjust harm to WSDA, THE WORLD sponsors or the related parties.
  • Taking pictures is not permitted during the tournament. In case pictures or videos are taken during the tournament, the event organizer will confiscate such pictures and videos and prohibit publishing them.
  • Player who are participating in this event grant absolute right to WSDA to use pictures and video images filmed during the event for advertising and commercial purposes without limitations on time period, place and/or methods.
  • WSDA authorizes individuals to download the pictures and video images filmed during the event by WSDA for personal use only. Non-commercial and commercial use of these images are prohibited.
  • Manufacturers and organizations that are not THE WORLD Sponsor of the event must not use THE WORLD trademark and the titles awarded at the event for their advertisement purposes without WSDA's approval.
  • Those player who compete in this tournament are deemed to have agreed to the aforementioned WSDA's rights.
  • Valid photo identification showing your name and date of birth (e.g. Passport) is required for registration and payment of prize money. (You may use your "THE WORLD DARTSLIVE CARD" for registration from your second participation onwards)

Tournament Cancellation

  • WSDA holds the rights to cancel the STAGE due to weather or other circumstances beyond the control of the event organizer or in the case of Force Majeure.*

Force Majeure Includes and is not limited to the event organizer being unable to perform its obligations or organize or hold the event due to fire, flood, earthquake, or other severe natural disaster or act of God; or due to protest, riot, civil disobedience, uprising, march, revolt, assembly, demonstration, occupation, commotion, mass gathering, war, insurrection, sabotage, epidemic, or terrorist attack or the likelihood of such event or act.

Resulting in the Event being cancelled, full refund will be made for already paid Entry Fee on a later date. The event organizer shall have no other responsibilities and/or liabilities.


The event guidelines will be updated whenever necessary and the contents in these guidelines constitute the RULES and will be used as the official rules of this tournament.